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【Biodiversity in China】Released online:Sept. 24, 2020 85 2

The catalogue of plants in Xiong’an New District

xiaocui, zhangzhixiang, Lin Qinwen
Keywords: Xiong’an New Area;plant diversity;catalogue of plants

Abstract:Through the on-the-spot investigation of the network format of Xiong’an New District for more than one year, the article combines various methods such as on-site record name, species photographing ...

【Rocks under the Microscope】Released online:Sept. 15, 2020 90 1

A micrograph dataset of buried hills and overlying glutenite in Bozhong Sag, Bohai Bay Basin

Liu Yanpeng, Hou Mingcai, Liu Xiaojian et al.
Keywords: Bohai Bay Basin;buried hill;granite;glutenite

Abstract:The Bohai Bay Basin is bordered by the Jiaoliao uplift in the east, the Taihangshan uplift in the west, and the north and south are respectively limited by the Luxi uplift and the Yanshan fold belt...

【Maritime Silk Road: Marine Environment and New Energy】Released online:Aug. 17, 2020 412 2

A dataset of significant wave height observations in the Northern Indian Ocean from 2009 to 2018

Zhuang Jucheng, Yang Shaobo,, Li Xingfei et al.
Keywords: Northern Indian Ocean;WW3;significant wave height;observation dataset

Abstract:Wave energy is the leader in clean energy and the most abundant energy in the ocean. In order to obtain the effective wave height data of the northern Indian Ocean in the last 10 years (2009–2018),...

【Rocks under the Microscope】Released online:Aug. 17, 2020 302 3

A micrograph dataset of Middle Jurassic clastic rock in the northeastern Ordos Basin

Chao Hui, Hou Mingcai, Cao Haiyang et al.
Keywords: geological data;micrograph data;informatization;mineralogy;sedimentology

Abstract:The micrograph is an important basis for geological research and big data is becoming a new engine of scientific discovery. Earth science big data is the most powerful form in geoscience. According...

【Rocks under the Microscope】Released online:Aug. 4, 2020 378 0

A micrograph dataset of late Ordovician carbonate rocks in Northwest Tarim and South China

Chang Xiaolin, Hou Mingcai, Liu Xinchun et al.
Keywords: Upper Ordovician;Northwest Tarim;Middle Yangtze region;carbonate;fossil fragment

Abstract:The late Ordovician is a crucial period in the long geological history, during which carbonate rocks deposited recorded the changes of the earth’s epigenetic environment, laying the foundation for ...

【Rocks under the Microscope】Released online:Aug. 3, 2020 423 6

A photomicrograph dataset of late Cretaceous to early Paleogene carbonate rocks in Tethys Himalaya, Southern Tibet

Juan Li, Xiumian Hu
Keywords: photomicrograph;carbonate;Late Cretaceous-early Paleogene;Tethys Himalaya;South Tibet

Abstract:The Late Cretaceous to early Paleogene shallow marine carbonates in the Tethys Himalaya of southern Tibet are important historical witnesses of the evolution of the northern Indian continental marg...

【Rocks under the Microscope】Released online:July 31, 2020 287 1

A micrograph dataset of terrigenous clastic rocks of Upper Devonian Lower Carboniferous Wutong Group in southern lower Yangtze

Cai WENpeng, Hou Mingcai, Chen Hanzhi et al.
Keywords: Southern Lower Yangtze;Late Devonian-Early Carboniferous;Wutong Group;siliciclastic rocks;micrographs dataset

Abstract:At the end of Caledonian structure, most of South China was exposed and suffered from weathering and denudation in different degrees. The Devonian transgression submerged most of the Yangtze block,...

【Rocks under the Microscope】Released online:July 31, 2020 302 2

A carbonate microscopic image dataset at Dengying Formation of the Sinian in the northwestern margin of Upper Yangtze

Qi Zhe, Hou Mingcai, Xu Shenglin et al.
Keywords: northwestern margin of Upper Yangtze;Dengying period of the Sinian;carbonate rocks;polarized photomicrograph

Abstract:As seen from the exposure of field profile, this set of marine carbonate rocks in the Sinian Dengying Formation on the north-west margin of the Yangtze reported in this paper should be the first la...

【Rocks under the Microscope】Released online:July 29, 2020 271 3

A photomicrograph dataset of the Cambrian Miaolingian-Furongian carbonates at the Jiulongshan section in Western Shandong Province

Hao Xin, Jitao Chen
Keywords: North China Platform;Cambrian;carbonate microfacies;facies analysis

Abstract:The North China Platform was a typical epiric platform during the Cambrian. A variety of carbonate facies developed in the North China Platform during Cambrian Miaolingian-Furongian. The present da...

【Rocks under the Microscope】Released online:July 29, 2020 364 3

A dataset of microscopic image of rock slices of Xuzhuang Formation in Ordos Basin

Qian Hongshan, Xing Fengcun, Zhang Chunlin et al.
Keywords: micro atlas;thin section;Middle Cambrian Xuzhuang formation;Ordos Basin

Abstract:The Cambrian life explosion has always been a hotspot in international research. As one of the indispensable regions for global geological events and geological evolution, the basic geological rese...