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【Data Paper】Released online:Sept. 24, 2020 10 0

Photocatalytic database based on single-element doped TiO2

Zongguo Wang, Lingju Guo, Meng Wan et al.
Keywords: TiO2-doped;Photocatalytic materials;Database;High-throughput calculation;first principles calculation

Abstract:As an important photocatalytic material, TiO2 has been used in many fields. While, the practice application is limited as the lower photocatalytic efficiency and the large intrinsic band...

【Data Paper】Released online:Sept. 23, 2020 12 0

A dataset of land desertification in the rare earth mining area in southern Jiangxi from 1986 to 2019

liyingshuang, Li Hengkai
Keywords: rare earth mining area;desertification;random forest;temporal and spatial changes

Abstract:The Lingbei mining area is the main production area of ion-type rare earth mines in southern my country. The serious land desertification caused by rare earth mining has become a key constraint to ...

【Data Paper】Released online:Sept. 23, 2020 12 0

An observation dataset of carbon and water fluxes in Xishuangbanna rubber plantations from 2010 to 2014

Yu Hui, Qi Dehua, Zhang Yiping et al.
Keywords: eddy covariance technique;fluxes;carbon-water cycle;meteorological elements;rubber plantations

Abstract:In the context of climate change, the carbon sink capacity and carbon sequestration potential of planted forests have received increasing attention in recent years. Due to the needs of social and e...

【Chinese FLUX Observation and Research Network (ChinaFLUX) Thematic Observation Datasets】Released online:Sept. 23, 2020 12 0

A dataset of carbon and water fluxes observation in subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest in Ailao Shan from 2009 to 2013

Qi Dehua, Fei Xuehai, Song Qinghai et al.
Keywords: eddy covariance technique;flux data;carbon-water cycle;meteorological elements;subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest;Ailao Shan

Abstract:In this study, the ecosystem of subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest in Ailao Shan was taken as the research object, and the long-term positioning observation of carbohydrate flux in subtropic...

【Data Paper】Released online:Aug. 31, 2020 126 0

Soil type dataset of Sichuan based on the Second National Soil Survey

Gao Meirong, Kuang Fuhong, Shi Jianping
Keywords: Sichuan;Chongqing;soil type;second national soil survey

Abstract:The data from Soil types dataset of Sichuan is based on the Second National Soil Survey, China Science Publishing in 1994, is one of the summary of Sichuan land resources survey. The primary covera...

【Data Paper】Released online:Aug. 31, 2020 123 0

A dataset of morphological traits of birds based on Fauna Sinica

Yantao Xue, Jiangning Wang, Congtian Lin et al.
Keywords: morphological trait;morphology;Aves;natural language processing

Abstract:The dataset of morphological traits of birds based on Fauna Sinica is extracted by using special tools after digitizing the related records of Fauna Sinica (Aves 7). This dataset cont...

【Data Paper】Released online:Aug. 28, 2020 162 0

A dataset of water content of litter in typical forest ecosystems of Dinghushan (2012–2018)

Liu Peiling, Zhang Qianmei, Liu Xiaodong et al.
Keywords: water content of litter;eco-hydrology;representative vegetation;Dinghushan

Abstract:Water content of litter is one of the important components in the hydrological cycle of forest ecosystem and plays a key role in the hydrological processes such as soil evaporation, water infiltrat...

【Data Paper】Released online:Aug. 25, 2020 190 0

A dataset of the Qinghai Lake periphery during 1987 – 2017

Hao Meiyu, Luo Ze
Keywords: Qinghai Lake;lake body periphery;area changes

Abstract:An image composite method was applied and Landsat historical images were employed to generate seasonal images with lowest cloud composite at the pixel level which implemented with Google Earth Engi...

【Meridian Project Data】Released online:July 22, 2020 286 0

A geomagnetic dataset of Zhaoqing Geomagnetic Station

wang xizhen
Keywords: Zhaoqing Geomagnetic Station;geomagnetic field;original data;second value

Abstract:Zhaoqing geomagtic station is located in Liantang Town, Gaoyao City, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province. It belongs to national geomagnetic reference staion and it also is a member of INTERMAGNET. It is ...

【Meridian Project Data】Released online:July 21, 2020 248 0

High-Frequency Zhongshan Radar dataset (2012)

Liu Jianjun, Hu Hongqiao, Chen Xiangcai
Keywords: coherent scatter radar;polar ionosphere;ionospheric convection;ionospheric plasma irregularity

Abstract:One of SuperDARN (Super Dual Auroral Radar Network) HF radar, located at Chinese Antarctic Zhongshan station, was built successfully in April 2010 and routinely operated. ZHO radar is the only HF r...