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【Other Data Paper】Published: Sept. 30, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 3 1155 7

A dataset of Chinese-English terminology of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Liang Hao, Wu Jiaze, Duan lunhui et al.
Keywords: Traditional Chinese Medicine;terminology;Chinese-English

Abstract:The dataset is based on an integration of the English Terminology of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Internal Draft) compiled by the People’s Health Publishing House (PMPH), the WHO International Standard Terminologies on Traditi...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Sept. 29, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 3 1062 2

A dataset of major cultural relics scenic spots in Jiangsu

Zhou Sifan, Zhou Jieyu, Luo Wenqing et al.
Keywords: cultural relics scenic spots;immovable cultural relics;cultural tourism;historical GIS

Abstract:With a long history, profound culture, and great minds, Jiangsu has a lot of cultural relics scenic spots, which is of great significance to the protection and utilization of cultural relics and the development of cultural tourism indust...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Sept. 29, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 3 1059 6

A dataset of soil type in Sichuan-Chongqing based on the Second National Soil Survey

GAO Meirong, SHI Jianping, KUANG Fuhong et al.
Keywords: Sichuan;Chongqing;soil type;Second National Soil Survey

Abstract:The dataset based on the Second National Soil Survey published by China Science Publishing in 1994, is one of the results of the Second National Soil Survey in Sichuan Province. On the basis of the national and Sichuan soil classificatio...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Sept. 29, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 3 1343 12

A dataset of tree-ring-based regional precipitation reconstruction in the United States during the last millennium

Bai Mengxin, Hao Zhixin, Zhang Xuezhen et al.
Keywords: the United States;regional precipitation;integrated reconstruction;tree-ring width index chronologies

Abstract:It’s of great significance to reconstruct a dataset of high-resolution regional precipitation in the last millennium, particular for understanding the regional differences of climate change at a decadal–centennial scale. Using 1,258 tree...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Sept. 29, 2021 225 0

A SPEI dataset in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor from 1961 to 2015

Fang Zehua, Tao Hui, Chen Jinyu
Keywords: drought;SPEI;index;China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC);data evaluation

Abstract:Drought index data set is the basis of drought research. Drought disasters occur frequently in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Making the drought index data set is of great scientific significance for drought monitoring and risk as...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Sept. 27, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 3 137 3

A dataset of ecosystem services evaluation of Yanqing

LI Min, LIU Tingting, FAN Jingchao et al.
Keywords: ecosystem services;InVEST model;Yanqing

Abstract:Yanqing plays an important role in ecological conservation in Beijing. The objective and scientific quantitative evaluation of its ecosystem services can provide scientific guidance and support for local land use planning and ecological ...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Sept. 26, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 3 86 2

A dataset of remote sensing vegetation indices for the cultivated land in Jianghan Plain from 2000 to 2017

CHEN Di, WU Dingfeng
Keywords: remote sensing of cultivated land;vegetation index;Jianghan Plain;2000–2017

Abstract:Jianghan Plain is an important agricultural region in China. In this study, six remote sensing vegetation indices (NDVI, EVI, DVI, RVI, SAVI and NDWI) are obtained by using MODIS satellite remote sensing data, and then they are sorted in...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Sept. 23, 2021 754 10

A rainstorm dataset in China during 2001–2019

Bai He, Ming Yisen, Liu Qihang et al.
Keywords: rainstorm;Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM);China

Abstract:This rainstorm dataset is extracted from a long time series (January 2001 to December 2019) of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) product. According to the rainstorm threshold defined by the China Meteorological Administration, r...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Aug. 19, 2021 702 9

MuSyQ GF-series 16m/10days fractional vegetation cover product (from 2018 to 2020 across China version 01)

Zhao Jing, Jing Li, Zhaoxing Zhang et al.
Keywords: Fractional vegetation cover (FVC);gap probability theory;dimidiate pixel model;China;Gaofen-1 (GF-1)

Abstract:Fractional vegetation cover (FVC) is one of the important indicators to monitor the vegetation conditions on earth. Remote sensing is a main way to obtain the dynamic FVC at large scale. However, there is no standard high-resolution FVC ...

【Other Data Paper】Released online:Aug. 13, 2021 1058 9

District/County Level Population Census GIS Datasets in China (1953–2010)

Dongdong Song, Liang Gao, Yitao Yang et al.
Keywords: population census;spatialization;district-county;China

Abstract:Spatialized population data is of great importance in supporting the studies on transportation, geography, socio-economy, sustainable development etc. In this paper, we collect the population data in district-county level of six Populati...