Call for Papers: "Ice, Snow and Environment Over High Mountain Asia"


Hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), published by the Computer Network Information Center, CAS, China Scientific Data (CN11-6035/N, ISSN 2096-2223) is a bilingual (Chinese and English) open-access journal publishing data papers of multidisciplinary fields. It comes out as one of China's first-batch network-based serials and is now indexed by Chinese Science Citation Database (2017-2018). The journal is committed to promoting the rapid publication and dissemination of valuable research data. CSDATA hereby announces a special issue on "Ice, Snow and Environment Over High Mountain Asia", which is scheduled for release in December 2018. Submissions are now invited.


High Mountain Asia (HMA) is a high-altitude region in middle Asia centering around the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (also known as the Tibetan Plateau). It is a typical area of the mid-latitudes sensitive to climate and environmental changes, affecting the global and regional climate as well as the downstream water, environment and ecology. It is a region of critical concern in the Belt and Road Initiative.

With unique climate and environmental systems, HMA is currently faced with a number of fundamental problems related to global changes, including glacier retreat, snow melting, increased hazard frequency and deteriorating ecology. Its snow, ice and environmental changes have a considerable effect on the downstream areas of China and its neighbouring countries. A quantitative description of the snow, ice and environmental changes based on data collected by earth observation techniques (such as ground monitoring, satellite remote sensing and model assimilation) is of great theoretical and practical significance for further understanding and analyzing the environmental changes of HMA and their impacts.

Recent years witnessed a surge in the volume of earth observation data, as well as the number of satellite monitoring projects for the ice, snow and environment of HMA. This special issue is initiated to support the Belt and Road Initiative and to promote the application of research data on the ice, snow and environmental changes of HMA. Building upon an earlier issue of "Snow, Ice and Environment Over the Tibetan Plateau" (vol. 2 (2)), this special issue plans to compile and publish datasets on the ice, snow and environmental changes of HMA, aiming to facilitate data sharing and extend data applications.

This special issue brings together datasets on "Snow, Ice and Environment Over HMA", and their descriptors. We invite descriptions across a range of topics, including ground observation data (or reanalyzed data products) related to ice, snow and environment over HMA, thematic products from remote-sensing, synthetic analytic data from ground-observation and remote-sensing, assimilated data or data from experimental observations with special objectives. Through the special issue, we hope to promote the exchange and sharing of scientific data on HMA across different yet related fields, with a special focus on the ice, snow, environment and climate over the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau.

Guest Editors

LIU Shiyin, Professor, Institute of International Rivers and Eco-Security, Yunnan University

LI Xin, Professor, Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, CAS

WANG Ninglian, Professor, College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Northwest University

ZHANG Yinsheng, Professor, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS

LI Zhiwei, Professor, School of Geosciences and Info-Physics, Central South University

QIU Yubao, Associate Professor, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, CAS

Guest Secretaries

ZHANG Zhen, PhD, School of Geomatics, Anhui University of Science and Technology

WU Kunpeng, PhD, School of Resources and Environment, Anqing Normal University

Manuscript Preparation

1. Please download the latest template from China Scientific Data ( as a reference for your paper writing. Manuscripts should contain a full description of the datasets, which includes collection and processing methods, quality assessment and validation measures, and other relevant information that facilitates data interpretation and (re)use.

2. Please prepare the dataset and explicitly describe the property relations of the data before submission. Attention should be paid to the consistency of the paper and the dataset(s) described. Also note that data authors might not necessarily be authors of the paper. Both datasets and their descriptors will be open to public comments during the review process.

3. Please select the column "Ice, Snow and Environment over High Mountain Asia" at submission.

4. Manuscripts should be written in English and Chinese (submission of the English version will be informed after the Chinese version is finalized). Authors will be directed to an accredited repository ( automatically after successful paper submission.

Submission Due

30 June 2018


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KONG Lihua (Director of the Editorial Office): 010-58812761

XI Yan (Editor in Charge)/ZHANG Qingfei (English Editor): 010-58812762