Volume 6, Issue 2

Published:June 30, 2021
Supervised by:Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Meridian Project top

【Meridian Project】Published: June 30, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1508 20


WEI Fengsi

【Meridian Project】Published: June 30, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1646 25

A summary of data resources produced by the Meridian Project

Jiamei Qin, Dingkun Zhong, Xueshang Feng et al.
Keywords: Meridian Project;space weather;ground-based observation;data sharing policy

Abstract:TheGround-based Space Environment Monitoring Network (Meridian Project for short) is a ground-based monitoring network system for the near-earth space environment. Geomagnetic (electrical) monitoring instruments, conventional radio m...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 30, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 2592 32

A dataset of Beijing MST radar horizontal wind fields at Xianghe Station in 2012

Tian Yufang, Chen Ze, Lyu Daren
Keywords: Beijing MST radar;horizontal wind speed;horizontal wind direction;troposphere and lower stratosphere;Xianghe Station

Abstract:The atmospheric horizontal wind is an essential parameter for studying atmospheric dynamic characteristics, processes, and dynamic coupling between the upper and lower atmosphere. MST (Mesosphere Stratosphere and Troposphere) radar plays...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 29, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1732 30

Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere radar dataset during 2012–2020 from Chongyang, Wuhan Station

GONG Wanlin, ZHOU Xiaoming, CHEN Gang et al.
Keywords: MST radar;middle and upper atmosphere;wind fields;data sharing

Abstract:The Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere (MST) radar is a large phased array radar, which enables the detection of three-dimensional wind fields in the mesosphere, stratosphere and troposphere. The MST radar operates in the very high freq...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 30, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1535 24

An incoherent scatter radar dataset at Qujing Station, Yunnan Province in 2015 and 2017

Tang zhimei, Ding zonghua, Dai Liandong et al.
Keywords: incoherent scatter radar;ionosphere;power profile;power spectrum;electron density;electron temperature;ion temperature

Abstract:Anincoherent scatter radar can detect electron density, electron temperature, ion temperature, plasma line-of-sight velocity and many other parameters, which is the most powerful ground-based tool to monitor ionosphere. It is of grea...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 28, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1456 26

A dataset from the Zhongshan HF coherent scatter radar in Antarctica (2012)

Liu Jianjun, Hu Hongqiao, Chen Xiangcai
Keywords: coherent scatter radar;polar ionosphere;ionospheric convection;ionospheric plasma irregularity

Abstract:Zhongshan HF radar located in the southwestern highland of Chinese Antarctic Zhongshan station ( ~69.4°,~76.4°), one component of SuperDARN (Super Dual Auroral Radar Network), was built successfully and put into operation in April 2010. ...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 29, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1720 22

Very high frequency coherent scatter radar dataset during 2014–2019 from Fuke, Hainan station

Jin Han, Yan Chunxiao, Chen Gang et al.
Keywords: coherent scatter radar;low-latitude ionosphere;field-aligned irregularities;quasi-period echoes;spread F;data sharing

Abstract:The Very High Frequency (VHF) coherent scatter radar of Meridian Project is located in Fuke, Hainan Island of China (109.1\(°\)E, 19.5

【Meridian Project】Published: June 28, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1215 19

A dataset from Mohe all-sky meteor radar in 2018

Xie Haiyong, Liu Libo, Ning Baiqi et al.
Keywords: all-sky meteor radar;Mohe;meteor trail;MLT;atmospheric wind field;Meridian Project

Abstract:The meteor radar at Mohe station (53.5°N, 122.3°E) is an all-sky interferometry radar with wide beam. It can detect meteor trails left by meteoroids when entering and ablating in the Earth atmosphere at altitudes between 70 km and 110 km...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 28, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1418 20

A digital ionosonde dataset of Mohe Observatory in Heilongjiang Province, China during 2014

Hu Lianhuan, Liu Libo, Ning Baiqi et al.
Keywords: Mohe;ionosonde;ionogram;ionospheric parameters;Meridian Project

Abstract:Ionosonde is one of the most conventional ground-based ionospheric observation instruments. A DPS4D digital ionosonde was setup at the Mohe station of Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences under the support of ...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 29, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 815 17

2020 ionospheric high frequency doppler shift dataset of Peking University Ionosphere Station

Hu Xiaoyan, Hao Yongqiang, Dai Guofeng et al.
Keywords: ionosphere;ionospheric high-frequency Doppler shift monitor;ionospheric disturbance;Meridian Project

Abstract:Ionospheric Doppler shift is the frequency shift of radio waves reflected by the disturbed ionosphere. The variations of the ionosphere, such as its vertical movements (Doppler velocity), can be obtained from the frequency shift. The imp...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 29, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1087 10

A dataset of neutral wind temperature and airglow radiation intensity distribution at Xinglong Station in 2016

YUAN Wei, XU Jiyao, ZHU Yajun et al.
Keywords: Airglow radiation in the middle and upper atmosphere;Doppler frequency shift;neutral wind field;OH airglow spectrum;OI557.7 nm airglow;OI630.0 nm airglow;middle and upper atmosphere fluctuations

Abstract:The neutral wind, temperature and airglow radiation intensity data in the middle and upper atmosphere are important for the study of the middle and upper atmosphere. These two types of data are of great significance in the scientific com...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 30, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1564 16

A lidar dataset of the Meridian Project during 2010–2020

Wu Foju, Xue Xianghui, Yi Fan et al.
Keywords: lidar;the metal layer;middle atmosphere density;middle atmosphere temperature

Abstract:There are many metal atoms and ions in the mesopause region. These metal atoms can be used as tracers to study the dynamical and chemical processes in this region. Lidar is the most powerful tool for detecting metal atoms and ions. The l...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 30, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1816 13

An original dataset of geomagnetic observation at Zhaoqing Geomagnetic Station in Guangdong Province during 2009–2020

Wang Xizhen, Lu Jinghui, Deng Na et al.
Keywords: Zhaoqing Geomagnetic Station;geomagnetic field;original data;second value

Abstract:Zhaoqing geomagtic station is located in Liantang Town, Gaoyao County, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. It belongs to national geomagnetic reference station, and also is a member of INTERMAGNET. It is one of the eight earliest geomagne...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 30, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1542 32

A dataset of the atmospheric electric field obtained from the Meridian Project during 2010–2020

LI Renkang, CHEN Tao, LI Wen et al.
Keywords: Meridian Project;middle- and low-latitude region;atmospheric electric field;daily average change

Abstract:Changes in the atmospheric electric field are affected by both lightning and solar activities. These changes represent the state of the global atmospheric circuit. The characteristics of the daily average variation in the atmospheric ele...

【Meridian Project】Published: June 30, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 991 12

A one-minute sampling dataset of geoelectrometer at Manchuria Geomagnetic Station during 2009–2010

Wang Xizhen, Lu Yingzhe, Deng Na et al.
Keywords: Manchuria Geomagnetic Station;geoelectric field;original data;minutes value

Abstract:Manchuria Geomagnetic station is located in the southern suburb of Manchuria City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It belongs to national geomagnetic reference staion. It is one of the first eight geomagnetic stations in China. The geo...

Ice, Snow and Environment Over High Asia top

【Ice, Snow and Environment Over High Asia】Published: June 28, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1297 33

A glacier vector dataset in the Qaidam Basin from 1977 to 2018

Zhou Sugang, Yao Xiaojun, Zhang Yuan et al.
Keywords: glacier;Landsat images;Qaidam Basin

Abstract:The Qaidam Basin (34°41′N–39°20′N, 87°49′E–101°11′E), a closed inland basin located in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau and surrounded by the Qilian Mountains, Altun Mountains and Kunlun Mountains, extends across Qinghai Province, Gansu ...

【Ice, Snow and Environment Over High Asia】Published: June 28, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1317 13

A glacier vector dataset in the Three-River Headwaters region during 2000–2019

Zhang Yuan, Yao Xiaojun, Zhou Sugang et al.
Keywords: glacier;Landsat;Three-River Headwaters;the Yellow River;the Yangtze River;the Mekong River

Abstract:The Three-River Headwaters (TRH) region (89°45'–102°23'E, 31°39'–36°12'N), located in the southern part of Qinghai Province and the central-eastern part of the Tibetan Plateau, is an important water conservation area and the key area for...

Snow, Ice and Environment Over the Tibetan Plateau top

【Snow, Ice and Environment Over the Tibetan Plateau】Published: June 28, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1331 18

A dataset of glacier inventory in Western China during 2017–2018

Ran Weijie, Wang Xin, Guo Wanqin et al.
Keywords: remote sensing;glacier inventory;Western China

Abstract:The glaciers in Western China are highly sensitive to climate change and change greatly. Since the second glacier inventory in China, there has been a lack of systematic investigation on the glaciers in Western China. Based on the second...

Chinese Ecosystem Research Network top

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 30, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1116 14

A dataset of litter recovery amount and standing crop dynamics in middle subtropical broad-leaved evergreen forests (2005–2015)

Guan Xin, Huang Ke, Yan Shaokui et al.
Keywords: evergreen broad-leaved forest;litter;long-term observation;plant organs

Abstract:The evergreen broad-leaved forest is the most stable top succession community in the subtropical area. Based on long-term litter observation at the comprehensive observation field by Huitong National Forest Ecosystem Research Station, Hu...

Chinese FLUX Observation and Research Network (ChinaFLUX) Thematic Observation Datasets top

【Chinese FLUX Observation and Research Network (ChinaFLUX) Thematic Observation Datasets】Published: June 25, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 2658 31

A spatial and temporal dataset of atmospheric inorganic nitrogen dry deposition in China (2006–2015)

Jia Yanlong, Wang Qiufeng, Zhu Jianxing et al.
Keywords: China;dry deposition;remote sensing model;spatial and temporal pattern

Abstract:As an important component of atmospheric nitrogen deposition, dry deposition has considerable effect on the construction and function of terrestrial ecosystems. Because of the complexity of dry deposition and the demanding technology in ...

【Chinese FLUX Observation and Research Network (ChinaFLUX) Thematic Observation Datasets】Published: June 30, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1983 17

A carbon and water fluxes dataset of the farmland ecosystem of winter wheat and summer maize in Yucheng (2003–2010)

Zhao Fenghua, Li Fadong, ZHAN Chesheng et al.
Keywords: eddy covariance;farmland productivity;water use;carbon flux;water flux

Abstract:Yucheng Comprehensive Experimental Station (YCES) is located in the lower Yellow River irrigation district, where the double cropping system of winter wheat and summer maize is the dominant pattern. YCES is one of the oldest flux station...

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor top

【China-Pakistan Economic Corridor】Published: June 28, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1546 23

A daily meteorological dataset of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor from 1961 to 2015

Chen Jinyu, Tao Hui, Liu Jinping
Keywords: precipitation;temperature;China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC);ANUSPLIN;data evaluation

Abstract:With a spatial resolution of 0.25 degree, this dataset covers the entire China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and spans from January 1st, 1961 to December 31th, 2015. It is based on the observed daily precipitati...

Other Data Paper top

【Other Data Paper】Published: June 28, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1175 8

Monthly dynamic meteorological dataset of tropical semi- deciduous monsoon rain forest in Jianfengling, Hainan Province (1957–2018)

Wang Luying, Zhang Chunsheng, Lin Mingxian et al.
Keywords: tropical semi-deciduous monsoon rainforest;global climate change;forest ecosystem;meteorological data;long-term dynamics

Abstract:Tropical forests in the world are complex and diverse. Tropical forest ecosystems are one of the least understood terrestrial ecosystems in the research of response and adaptation to climate change. Jianfengling Ecological Station is the...

【Other Data Paper】Published: June 29, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1362 7

A dataset of protected parrots and turtles sold on Taobao during 2016 – 2017

Ye Yun-Chun, Luo Yi, Wei Qing-Ming et al.
Keywords: E-commerce;parrot;turtle;wildlife trade;pet trade;biodiversity conservation

Abstract:The wildlife trade is one of the major threats to biodiversity. Understanding its spatial patterns and driving factors is crucial to effectively invest in protected resources and formulate conservation strategies. Although e-commerce pla...

【Other Data Paper】Published: June 29, 2021 Volume 6, Issue 2 1533 9

A dataset for geochemical characteristics of purple rock and its weathering crust in the Sichuan Basin (before 1990)

Gao Meirong, Tang Jialiang, Kuang Fuhong
Keywords: purple rock;purple weathering crust;geochemical characteristics;weathering characteristics

Abstract:Purple soil is a special soil that has drawn the attention of the scientific community due to its mode and speed of pedogenesis. Its parent materials mainly include talus material, residual deposit, and weathered bedrock of purple sand s...