Volume 5, Issue 2

Published:June 30, 2020
Supervised by:Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Ice, Snow and Environment Over High Asia top

【Ice, Snow and Environment Over High Asia】Published: June 28, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3278 35

A dataset of outlines of glacial lakes with an area of no less than 0.05 km2 in the Koshi River basin from 1967 to 2014

Zhang Dahong, Gong Peng, Yao Xiaojun et al.
Keywords: glacial lake;Koshi River;visual interpretation;Tibetan Plateau

Abstract:There are numerous glaciers and glacial lakes in the Koshi River basin. The coverage rate of glaciers reaches 9.78% and the number of glacial lakes is 221. The distribution and change of glacial lakes in this region are the most importan...

【Ice, Snow and Environment Over High Asia】Published: June 12, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3179 23

A dataset of glacier boundary in the Tanggula Mountains in 1991 and 2015

Duan Hongyu, Yao Xiaojun, Liu Shiyin et al.
Keywords: glacier;remote sensing images;dataset;Tanggula Mountains

Abstract:Located in the central part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (31°15′–34°45′N, 90°23′–95°52′E), Tanggula Mountains are bordered by the Zulkkora Mountains to the west and by the Bu’gyai Kangri to the east, stretching about 500 km from NW to SE...

【Ice, Snow and Environment Over High Asia】Published: June 12, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3712 14

A dataset of boundary and length of glaciers in the Altun Mountains in 2016

Zhang Cong, Yao Xiaojun, Zhang Dahong
Keywords: glacier;boundary;centerline;length;Altun Mountains

Abstract:TheAltun mountains is located in the northern edge of the Tibet Plateau. It is the boundary of the Tarim Basin and the Qaidam Basin, which is bounded by the Dangjinshan pass and the upper reaches of the Qiemo River. Glaciers in the A...

Chinese Ecosystem Research Network top

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 28, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 7197 180

A dataset of water environment survey in the Poyang Lake from 2013 to 2018

Liu He, Zhang Qi, Niu Yuanyuan et al.
Keywords: Poyang Lake;water environment;datasets;physical and chemical parameter

Abstract:The dataset in this paper was sampled from the quality results of the surveys on the water of the Poyang Lake conducted by the Poyang Lake Wetland Observation and Research Station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in January, April, Jul...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 25, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3275 32

A dataset of soil elements on the beach of the Dongting Lake from 2012 to 2016

Li Xu, Zeng Jing, Hou Zhiyong et al.
Keywords: nutrient element;heavy metal;soil pollution;wetland beach;long-term locating survey

Abstract:The spatial distribution of soil elements in wetlands is affected by many environmental factors, among which the hydrological conditions regulate the soil elements through the change of hydrological cycle and the movement of surface wate...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 25, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 2999 15

A dataset of soil physical properties and elements of Abies fabri in Gongga Mountain, southeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, during 2005–2015

Yang Yang, Li Wei, Wang Genxu
Keywords: Gongga Mountain;Abies fabri Craib;soil physical properties;elements;soil quality

Abstract:Gongga Mountain is located in the transition zone between the Sichuan Basin and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Abies fabri Craib is an endemic and dominant species in typical subalpine dark coniferous forests, in Gongga Mountain. Scie...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 25, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3612 34

Meteorological dataset observed by Alpine Ecosystem Observation and Experiment Station of Gongga Mountain, Chinese Academic of Sciences, during 1998–2018

Yang Yang, Wang Keqin, Hu Zhaoyong et al.
Keywords: meteorological data;climate change;alpine ecosystem;Gongga Mountain

Abstract:As the basic data for the research of climate change, Meteorological data provide basic data support for global climate change and extreme weather events. Alpine Ecosystem Observation and Experiment Station of Gongga Mountain, Chinese Ac...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 24, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3625 37

A dataset of monthly recovery amount of litter fall production in a monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest at Dinghushan (1999 – 2016)

Li Yuelin, Liu Shizhong, Huang Jianqiang et al.
Keywords: Key words: Dinghushan National Nature Reserve;monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest;litter production;litter dynamics

Abstract:As a link between plant community and soil, litterfall plays an important role in matter cycling, energy flow and message delivery in forest ecosystems. It is an important structural and functional unit in material cycle and energy flow ...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 24, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3557 34

Daily fluxes dataset of the typical irrigated agro-ecosystem in the North China Plain: A Case Study of Luancheng Station (2007 – 2013)

Zhang Yucui, Jiang Hanbing, Zhang Chuanwei et al.
Keywords: eddy covariance system;irrigated agro-ecosystem;water-heat-carbon daily fluxes;winter wheat-summer maize cropping system;the North China Plain

Abstract:The micrometeorology-based Eddy Covariance System (EC) has become one of the standard methods for observing the exchange of CO2 and water heat flux between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. The dataset includes all th...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 23, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 4628 15

The catalogue of animal type specimens in Shennongjia, Hubei Province, China

Wu Nan, Lei Boyu, Zhou Youbing et al.
Keywords: Shennongjia;type specimens;animals

Abstract:Type specimens are the basis of the publication of new species and are of great significance to taxonomy and related scientific research. This dataset summarizes, verifies, and determines the type specimens of animals in Shennongjia, Hub...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 15, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 4211 22

A dataset of chlorophyll-a concentration in the Jiaozhou Bay from 1997 to 2010

Zhao Yongfang, Zheng Shan, Sun Xiaoxia et al.
Keywords: the Jiaozhou Bay;chlorophyll a;1997–2010;long-term monitoring

Abstract:Chlorophyll-a is an important photosynthetic pigment in plant photosynthesis. The concentration of chlorophyll-a in seawater is an important indicator of phytoplankton population, which can represent the carbon accumulation...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 15, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3603 24

A dataset of litter recovery amount and standing crop dynamics in a typical subtropical mixed evergreen and deciduous broadleaved forest (2009–2016)

Liu Lu, Zhao Changming, Ge Jielin et al.
Keywords: litter recovery amount;litter standing crop;seasonal dynamics;inter-annual dynamics;plant organs;long-term observation

Abstract:Mixed evergreen and deciduous broadleaved forests are the most representative vegetation type in the subtropical region of China. Based on a long-time litter observation of field sampling plots, the dataset integrated monthly litter reco...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 15, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3590 18

A dataset of monitoring hydrological and chemical environmental factors in the Jiaozhou Bay during 2006–2010

Zhao Zengxia, Sun Xiaoxia, Zhao Yongfang et al.
Keywords: the Jiaozhou Bay;water environment;ecosystem;long-term observation

Abstract:This dataset is built on the hydrological and chemical data archives of the Jiaozhou Bay Marine Ecosystem Research Station during 2006-2010 at 10 routine monitoring sites in the Jiaozhou Bay. Covering seven parameters (water temperature,...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 12, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 4879 43

A dataset of eight ions in the water at stations of Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN) during 2004 – 2016

huangli, zhuzhilin, Tang Xinzhai et al.
Keywords: ground water;still surface water;flowing surface water;the eight ions;eco-station

Abstract:Water is an important component of nature and a major environmental factor in the ecosystem. Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN) conducted long-term in situ monitoring for water environments in typical ecosystems. This dataset coll...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 12, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3427 20

A dataset of groundwater level at National Observation and Research Station for Forest Ecosystems in Shennongjia (2012–2016)

Zhao Changming, Shen Guozhen, Xu Wenting et al.
Keywords: groundwater level;north subtropical;SNF

Abstract:Groundwater is an important natural resource in a region, and the data of groundwater level can offer significant references for studying the long-term changes of groundwater. This dataset consists of groundwater level data recorded manu...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 12, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 4169 28

A dataset of soil moisture in a northern subtropical mixed evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved forest (2009 – 2016)

Zhao Changming, Shen Guozhen, Xu Wenting et al.
Keywords: soil moisture content;Time Domain Reflectometry;mixed evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved forest;north subtropical;SNF

Abstract:Soil moisture content is the basic indicator for studying soil moisture conditions and dynamics, and it is one of the important indicators for long-term observation of terrestrial ecosystem water environment. Evergreen deciduous broad-le...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 9, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3888 14

Meteorological and radiant dataset observed by Sanjiang Plain Experimental Station of Wetland Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences during 2009 – 2018

Tianhua Qiao, Changchun Song
Keywords: climate factor;Sanjiang Plain;wetland;meteorological and radiant data

Abstract:Climate is the main driving factor of wetland development and the controlling factor of wetland formation and different characteristics. The Sanjiang Plain Experimental Station of Wetland Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a basic ...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: June 3, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3475 10

A dataset of aerosol optical depth in southern slope of Shennongjia mountain, 2013–2018

Lan Tianyuan, Xu Wenting, Shen Guozhen et al.
Keywords: atmospheric aerosol;aerosol optical depth;Shennongjia;location monitoring

Abstract:Atmospheric aerosol is an indispensable component of the atmosphere composition, and the aerosol optical depth is one of most important parameters of atmospheric aerosol. In March 2013, we established a Sun photometer, MICROTOPS II, in t...

【Chinese Ecosystem Research Network】Published: April 14, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 6075 40

A dataset of seasonal dynamics of the litter fall production of deciduous broad-leaf forest in the warm temperate zone of Beijing Dongling Mountain (2005–2015)

Fan Bai, Wenyan Zhang, Yang Wang
Keywords: secondary forest;litter yield;nutrient cycling;carbon cycling

Abstract:Warm temperate deciduous broad-leaf forest is one of the most typical vegetation types in a warm temperate zone. The natural secondary forests of this type in Dongling Mountain area have experienced satisfactory restoration and successi...

Big Scientific Data Project top

【Big Scientific Data Project】Published: June 23, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 4765 17

A dataset of time and frequency system

Zhang Yu, Wang Yanping, Yuan Haibo et al.
Keywords: time-frequency system;atomic clock weight;atomic clock rate;time-frequency dataset;earth rotation bulletins;data quality

Abstract:The standard time-frequency system is an important strategic infrastructure of China, and it plays a fundamental role in safeguarding the national economy and security. Time-frequency data is one of the important national information res...

【Big Scientific Data Project】Published: June 12, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 4911 21

Existing commercial compounds database

Xu Ran, Zhao Yuehong, Han Qingzhen et al.
Keywords: chemical substances inventory;commercial compounds;physical property data;compound screening

Abstract:The compounds in the existing chemical substances inventory, with known safety, environmental, and health risks, can be easily accessed in laboratories and be further tested for industrial experiments, with less project research time and...

【Big Scientific Data Project】Published: June 11, 2020 Volume 5, Issue 2 3639 11

A dataset of purification methods for laboratory chemicals

Li Yingyong, Zhao Yingli
Keywords: laboratory;chemicals;purification;physical and chemical properties

Abstract:First we collected data on purification methods for laboratory chemicals and related physical and chemical properties data from manual books. Then we classified, summarized and standardized all the data. For quality control, we developed...