Volume 4, Issue 2

Published:June 30, 2019
Supervised by:Chinese Academy of Sciences
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【Other Data Paper】Published: June 25, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1351 6

Grassland production dataset in central and eastern Mongolia based remote sensing (2006–2015)

Li Ge, Wang Juanle
Keywords: Mongolia;grassland;MODIS;grassland production;spatio-temporal distribution

Abstract:Grassland production is an important basis for scientific use of grassland resources and management decision-making concerning grass-livestock balance. An accurate timely understanding of the spatio-temporal distribution of grassland pro...

【Other Data Paper】Published: June 19, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1171 2

Survey and analysis of scientists' training needs

Zhao Yixia, Jin Kun
Keywords: lifelong learning;scientist;survey and statistics;training mode

Abstract:With the shortening of knowledge updating cycle, lifelong learning becomes necessary. As a group of scientists and technicians who pursue the discovery of scientific knowledge, their continuing education has its particularity. At present...

【Other Data Paper】Published: June 12, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1412 2

Data of Creative Class Environment in Primary School (3-6 Grade)

Tian’e, Cheng Xi, Duan Dana et al.
Keywords: creative class environment;primary school;scale revision

Abstract:In order to know the situation of creative class environment in primary and middle school and discuss how to cultivate primary and middle school students’ creativity, researchers revised the <Creative class Environment Scale>, and ...

【Other Data Paper】Published: June 5, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1828 9

Remote sensing image sample dataset of land cover types in China

Zhao Lijun, Zheng Ke, Shi Lulu et al.
Keywords: land cover type;China;remote sensing image sample;ten meter level multispectral data;meter level multispectral data

Abstract:This dataset of remote sensing images of land cover types in China is obtained through manual interpretation of ten-meter-level Landsat 8 multispectral image data and meter-level GF-1 and QuickBird multispectral image data, which covers ...

Editorial Introduction top

【Editorial Introduction】Published: June 3, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1511 2

Preface: The Special Issue on Remote Sensing Datasets of Resources & Environment in Hainan Province

Guo Huadong

Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan top

【Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan】Published: June 3, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 2773 22


Guo Huadong

【Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan】Published: May 22, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 5724 72

Evaluation data set for Hainan tourism scenic spots based on social media

LIN Zhenyu, XIE Jibo, QIN Zuomiao et al.
Keywords: Hainan tourism;social media;scenic evaluation;personalized recommendation

Abstract:This paper collected and processed the review data of all 4A and 5A scenic spots in Hainan from 2012 to 2018 to construct the Hainan tourism scenic spot evaluation data set. This dataset is intended to be used for the quality assessment ...

【Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan】Published: May 21, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 6895 47

Value-added Gaofen-1 image data of Hainan Island

Jiang wei, He Guojin, chengbo et al.
Keywords: GF-1 satellite;Hainan Island;value-added products;geometric correction;remote sensing service

Abstract:As China’s second largest island, Hainan Island is a strategic node of the maritime silk road. High-quality value-added satellite products are of great significance for dynamic investigations of the resources and environment of Hainan Pr...

【Other Data Paper】Published: May 20, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1349 4

Value-added Landsat image data of Hainan Island from 1970 to 2017

Liang Chenbin, Cheng Bo, He Guojin
Keywords: Landsat;Hainan Island;value-added products;band fusion;remote sensing service

Abstract:Since its establishment as Hainan Special Economic Zone, Hainan Island has achieved great development in urbanization and great changes have taken place in the natural environment. In recent years, many policies have been put forward for...

【Other Data Paper】Published: May 17, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1372 1

A Dataset of Geological Tourism Resources in Dongfang City, Hainan

Zhicao Li, Qinjun Wang, Yu Chen et al.
Keywords: Dongfang City, geological tourism resources, geomorphic landscape.

Abstract:Dongfang City is an important port located in the western part of Hainan Province and has abundant geological tourism resources. According to the National Standard "Geological Heritage Survey Specification" (DZ/T 0303-2017), this study i...

【Other Data Paper】Published: May 16, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1275 2

Remote sensing data for urban thermal anomaly in Sanya City

Meng Qingyan, Gu Yanchun, Hao Lichun et al.
Keywords: thermal anomaly;radiation transfer equation;modified boxplot method;frequency of the high-temperature anomaly area

Abstract:Aiming at the problem of thermal anomaly in Sanya, this paper takes Landsat data from 2008 to 2017 as the main data source, extracts the high temperature anomaly area based on the radiation equation transfer method and the improved box-p...

【Other Data Paper】Published: July 5, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1581 2

Inverted land surface temperature for Sanya city based on Landsat data

Gu Yanchun, Hu Die, Zhang Ying et al.
Keywords: land surface temperature;radiative transfer;Landsat;Sanya

Abstract:Land surface temperature is one of the most important factors affecting urban environmental quality. In the past few years, the study of land surface temperature is drawing more and more attention in major cities. In this paper, based o...

【Other Data Paper】Published: May 14, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1414 2

A dataset of impervious surface in Sanya City from 2004 to 2015

Wang Xiankai, Meng Qingyan, Liu Ying et al.
Keywords: impervious surface;remote sensing;ecological environment;sponge city

Abstract:Impervious surface is one of the most basic components of a city which has a significant impact on urban ecological environment and regional development. Remote sensing has been widely used in impervious surface research in recent years ...

【】Published: May 13, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1579 8

A dataset of urban impervious surface of Hainan Island, based on Sentinel-1 SAR and Sentinel-2A optical images.

Zhu Xiulin, Zhao Xiangwei, Du Wenjie et al.
Keywords: Urban impervious layer;Sentinel-1 SAR;Sentinel-2A;Google Earth Engine

Abstract:Urban impervious surface is an important indicator of urbanization. It is also an important indicator to measure the health of urban ecosystems. In the context of global urbanization, impervious surface extraction has become a hotspot of...

【Remote Sensing Data of Resources and Environment in Hainan】Published: May 10, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1474 2

A Dataset of Inland Water Distribution 2013–2017 in Hainan Island Based on Remote Sensing

Xu Fen, Meng Qingyan, Zhang Linlin
Keywords: inland water;object-oriented knowledge rule set;Hainan Island;medium and high resolution remote sensing data

Abstract:Inland water distribution is an indispensable component of global water security and management, climate research and dynamic monitoring of ecological environment. Based on GF-1 data and Landsat8 OLI data, we used the minimum-redundancy ...

【Other Data Paper】Published: May 9, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1351 2

Classification of Hainan island natural forests based on multi-source remote sensing data

Shi Jiankang, Gong Chen, Li Xinwu et al.
Keywords: multi-source remote sensing data;tropical forest;remote sensing classification;support vector machine (SVM)

Abstract:Widely distributed in the vicinity of the equator, tropical forest is the type of forest with the most abundant species worldwide which has a profound effect on global climate. Therefore, it is of great significance for a country to deve...

【Other Data Paper】Published: May 8, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1535 5

Distributional data of shallow sea coral reef in Danzhou Bay Sanya Coral Reef National Nature Reserve from 1987 to 2018

Huo Yanhui, Zhu Lanwei, Zhang Shaoyu et al.
Keywords: coral reef;remote sensing monitoring;visual interpretation;threshold segmentation;information extraction

Abstract:ENVI 5.2 and ArcGIS 10.1 were used to process GF-2 image, Sentinel-2 image and Landsat TM/OLI image data covering Sanya Coral Reef National Nature Reserve. Assisted by field research data, we used visual interpretation and threshold segm...

【Other Data Paper】Published: May 7, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1449 3

A dataset of mangrove forests changes in Hainan Island during 1987–2017 based on Landsat data

Liao Jingjuan, Zhen Jianing
Keywords: Hainan Island;mangrove forests;Landsat image;change monitoring

Abstract:Distributed in the coastal wetlands of tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world, mangrove forests provide important ecological and eco-economical services such as coastal erosion prevention, water purification, nursery habit...

【Other Data Paper】Published: May 6, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1909 5

Coastline dataset of Hainan Island during 1987–2017

Bi Jingpeng, Zhang Li, Song Xixi et al.
Keywords: Hainan Island;coastline;coastline changes;coastal environmental changes

Abstract:Six types of coastline interpretation indicators and position extraction rules were established based on a combination of the Landsat TM//OLI data of 40 scenes (with a full coverage of Hainan Island) for eight periods during 1987– 2017 a...

【】Published: May 23, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 5899 58

Social media-based monitoring data for wind disasters in Hainan

ZHANG Qinglan, XIE Jibo, LIU Zhan et al.
Keywords: Typhoon;Hainan island;social media;information mining

Abstract:Typhoon is one of the main natural disasters threatening human survival and development. Effective disaster–related data is an important basis for the government to carry out disaster prevention, mitigation and relief work. With the popu...

Snow, Ice and Environment Over the Tibetan Plateau top

【Other Data Paper】Published: April 25, 2019 Volume 4, Issue 2 1281 3

Thematic datasets for the Tibetan Plateau from Tiangong-2 Wide-band Imaging Spectrometer

Li Leijuan, Ren Haigen, Li Shengyang et al.
Keywords: Tiangong-2;Tibetan Plateau;Wide-band Imaging Spectrometer;multi-spectral data;thematic dataset

Abstract:The Tibetan Plateau is known as the ridge of the world , the water tower of Asia, and the third pole of the earth. The Pan-Third Pole region, which extends from the third pole westwards to cover an area of about 20 million km2, constitut...