Volume 3, Issue 2

Published:June 30, 2018
Supervised by:Chinese Academy of Sciences
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【Other Data Paper】Published: June 26, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 2 3003 12

Data of the MWISP Sky Survey (2011 – 2017)

Lu Dengrong, Sun Jixian, Yang Zherui et al.
Keywords: millimeter wave;sky survey data;Galactic structure

Abstract:Using the PMO 13.7 m millimeter-wave radio telescope located in Delingha and a nine-beam Superconducting Spectroscopic Array Receiver (SSAR) system, we preformed a large-scale survey called MWISP project (Milky Way Imaging Scroll Paintin...

【Other Data Paper】Published: June 5, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 2 3042 14

A 1-km grid dataset of industrial output value in China (2010)

Xue Qian, Song Wei, Zhu Huiyi
Keywords: industrial output value;China;DMSP/OLS;spatialization

Abstract:For lack of spatial data of industrial output value, risk and disaster assessment in the industrial economy cannot effectively address global change. Against this background, we developed a new method to spatialize industrial output valu...

China Agricultural Data top

【China Agricultural Data】Published: June 25, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 2 17167 131

A dataset of major livestock and poultry germplasm resources in China

LuoQingyao, Pang zhihong, Pu Yabin
Keywords: livestock and poultry;germplasm resources;dataset;information sharing;biodiversity

Abstract:Germplasm resources are a key component of biodiversity, which serve as a material basis for livestock production and improvement. On the basis of the survey data and treatises from the second national survey of livestock and poultry ger...

【China Agricultural Data】Published: June 25, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 3 2690 9

A dataset of major feedstuffs in China and their mineral contents

Luo Qingyao, Liao Xiudong
Keywords: feedstuff;mineral element;conventional ingredients;distribution;contents

Abstract:Despite the rapid development of China’s feed industry, feed resources were in an increasing shortage in recent years. Abuse of mineral additives, together with fecal pollution, has severely hindered a stable, healthy and sustainable dev...

【China Agricultural Data】Published: June 20, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 2 2417 5

A data set of agricultural resources and regional planning in China

Zou Jinqiu, Chen Youqi
Keywords: agricultural resources;agricultural regional planning;scientific data;data sharing

Abstract:Agricultural resource survey and regional planning are among the basic and comprehensive long-term work of agricultural development. They have always been on the priority list of long-term national research plans since the founding of P....

【Other Data Paper】Published: June 6, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 2 2308 5

Geographical distribution of fishing ports in coastal China, 2017

Chen Mengjie, Xu Shuo, Liu Huiyuan et al.
Keywords: fishing ports;geographical information;scientific data;geographical distribution

Abstract:Among the numerous attributes of scientific data, geographical attributes are the most intuitive way of expressing data. Geographical description of the data will help users to understand the data, as well as to access and use it. Based ...

Biodiversity in China top

【Other Data Paper】Published: June 22, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 2 2149 9

Dataset of μCT scan of the holotype specimen of Batrachuperus londongensis Liu and Tian, 1978, an endemic hynobiid (Amphibia, Urodela) from Mount Emei, Sichuan Province, China

Jia Jia, Zhang Meihua, Gao Keqin et al.
Keywords: μCT scan;Batrachuperus londongensis;Hynobiidae;Mount Emei;Sichuan Province;3D pdf;3D printing

Abstract:As a primitive clade of tailed amphibians, hynobiids are significant in understanding the early evolutionary history of salamanders. However, no consensus has been reached in regard to the time and location of origin, the evolutionary hi...

Historical Datasets for Disaster Mitigation and Research top

【Historical Datasets for Disaster Mitigation and Research】Published: June 22, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 2 12006 38

A dataset of Ya'an Earthquake based on social media

Tian Chuanzhao, Li Guoqing, Yang Tengfei et al.
Keywords: Ya'an Earthquake;Sina-Weibo;Sichuan Province;data mining

Abstract:The Ya'an Earthquake occurred on April 20, 2013 (Beijing time). Its epicenter was located in Lushan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, and the magnitude of this earthquake was 7.0. As of 14:30, April 24, the earthquake caused a total ...

【Historical Datasets for Disaster Mitigation and Research】Published: May 14, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 2 11760 64

A social media-based dataset of typhoon disasters, 2017

Yang Tengfei, Xie Jibo, Li Guoqing
Keywords: typhoon;social media;disaster reduction;data mining

Abstract:Typhoons are a category of natural disasters whose annual occurrence causes major life and property loss in the Northwestern Pacific region. During typhoon events, social media serve as an effective tool to transmit and acquire disaster ...

【Historical Datasets for Disaster Mitigation and Research】Published: April 9, 2018 Volume 3, Issue 2 4526 61

A dataset of agro-meteorological disaster-affected area and grain loss in China (1949 – 2015)

Guo Jingpeng, Chen Huiqian, Zhang Xiaorong et al.
Keywords: natural disasters;grain loss;provincial;China;1949 – 2015

Abstract:As a big agricultural country, the People's Republic of China has experienced a series of natural disasters since its founding, such as the 1959 – 1961 Great Famine, the 1998 floods and the 2008 snowstorm. Here we present a dataset summa...