Volume 2, Issue 4

Published:Dec. 31, 2017
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【Biodiversity in China】Published: Dec. 30, 2017 Volume 2, Issue 4 11590 111

A 3D CT dataset of the skull of Liaodactylus primus (Reptilia: Pterosauria) from the Jurassic of China

Yi Hongyu, Zhou Changfu, Gao Keqin
Keywords: fossil;pterosaur;Yanliao Biota;CT scan data

Abstract:Liaodactylus primus is the earliest filter-feeding pterosaur, discovered from the Late Jurassic Tiaojishan Formation in Jianchang County, Liaoning Province of China. It dates back to about 160 million years ago (161.8±0.4 – 159.5±0.6 Ma)...

【Biodiversity in China】Published: Dec. 22, 2017 Volume 2, Issue 4 2835 20

3D morphological data of Pauropetalichthys magnoculus from the Early Devonian of Qujing, Yunnan, China

Pan Zhaohui, Zhu Min
Keywords: petalichthyids;placoderms;Yunnan;Devonian;HRCT;3D reconstruction

Abstract:Placodermi is a diversified jawed vertebrate group that underwent a highly successful radiation in the Devonian period (419.2 – 358.9 Ma). Recent anatomical and systematic studies, along with new fossil findings, have shown that placoder...

【Biodiversity in China】Published: Dec. 21, 2017 Volume 2, Issue 4 2522 6

Micro-CT images of the head of Chrysomela populi adults

Ren Jing, Ge Siqin
Keywords: micro-CT;2D image;image stack;3D reconstruction

Abstract:Chrysomela populi is a typical leaf beetle feeding on mainly leaves of aspen trees, and a major pest of forestry. Morphological studies of Chrysomela populi, or ev...

【Biodiversity in China】Published: Dec. 5, 2017 Volume 2, Issue 4 11055 45

A dataset of macrobenthic mollusks of southern Yellow Sea in summer 2011 – 2013

Xu Yong, Li Xinzheng, Wang Hongfa et al.
Keywords: macrobenthos;mollusk;southern Yellow Sea;Summer

Abstract:Marine macrobenthic mollusk is an important group of marine macrobenthos. This study investigated macrobenthos in summer 2011 – 2013 in 5 sections and 29 stations of southern Yellow Sea (33° – 37°N, 120.5° – 124°E) using 0.1 m2 Gray-O’Ha...

【Biodiversity in China】Published: Nov. 17, 2017 Volume 2, Issue 4 3018 8

A dataset of venomous animals in China

Wang Lin, Li Wenhui, Zhu Jianguo
Keywords: venomous animal;species;toxin;active ingredient;treatment

Abstract:This dataset of venomous animals in China integrates data of species taxonomy and active toxic ingredients of terrestrial venomous animals in China, as well as data of envenomation, poisoning and treatment therapy. The dataset contains 1...

Other Data Paper top

【Other Data Paper】Published: Dec. 20, 2017 Volume 3, Issue 1 2670 8

Earth observation data of the Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory (2016 – 2017)

Qin Bangyong, Li Shengyang, Hao Zhongweng et al.
Keywords: Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory;earth observation data;Wide-band Imaging Spectrometer;Three-dimensional Imaging Microwave Altimeter;Multi-band Ultraviolet Edge Imaging Spectrometer

Abstract:Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory was successfully launched on September 15, 2016. It carries three earth observation loads, including Wide-band Imaging Spectrometer, Three-dimensional Imaging Microwave Altimeter and Multi-band Ultraviolet Edg...

【Other Data Paper】Published: Oct. 26, 2017 Volume 2, Issue 4 3508 22

Grid data on land use and land cover of the Loess Plateau region (2015)

Zhu Yuan, Liu Yu, Zhao Liang
Keywords: Loess Plateau;land use;land cover;Landsat 8;object-oriented classification;grid data

Abstract:Land use/cover data reflect the cultivation and coverage state of land surface. They are the bases for geographic and ecological research. To produce land use/cover data of the Loess Plateau, this study employs Landsat 8 OLI satellite im...

Historical Datasets for Disaster Mitigation and Research top

【Historical Datasets for Disaster Mitigation and Research】Published: Oct. 22, 2017 Volume 2, Issue 4 11184 83

Typhoon frequency and intensity across the Western Pacific Ocean north of the Equator, 1951 – 2014

A. Townsend Peterson; Lindsay P. Campbell; Rafe M. Brown
Keywords: typhoon;disturbance;Western Pacific;maps

Abstract:Disturbance has been a repeated theme in ecology in recent decades, yet incorporating its frequency and pattern at broad spatial scales into ecological analyses has been difficult – rather, most environmental datasets used in broad-exten...