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Microscopic image data set of carbonate rocks of Leikoupo Formation of Middle Triassic in Central Sichuan
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: 2021 - 09 - 23
: 2021 - 09 - 24
: 2021 - 09 - 24
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: The carbonate rocks of the Leikoupo Formation are widely developed in Central Sichuan Basin, showing good exploration prospects and great exploration potential. Carbonate reservoirs in central Sichuan Basin are well developed, and various pores are well developed and preserved. Supergene dissolution, buried dissolution, and dolomitization have improved reservoir physical properties and improved reservoir permeability. Pore types include intragranular dissolved pores, intergranular dissolved pores, mold pores, etc., and connected dissolution fractures. At the top, a good paleoweathering crust reservoir is formed under karstification. By collecting the strata of Leikoupo Formation encountered in Longgang 19 well, Longgang 173 well, Zhongtai 1 well, Tongnan 112 well, Yue 105 well, and Penglai 19 well in Central Sichuan Basin as the research object, the rock micro thin section data set is made. Leikoupo Formation in Central Sichuan Basin is mainly composed of algal laminar dolomite, sandy dolomite, and breccia dolomite. The sedimentary facies are carbonate evaporation limited platform facies. The subfacies can be divided into tidal flat and intra platform beach subfacies. The tidal flat has microfacies such as cloud flat and gypsum cloud flat, and the intra platform beach can be subdivided into bioclastic beach and sandy beach. By collecting the picture data set, it can be used to divide the sedimentary microfacies of the Leikoupo Formation in this area, study the control of the formation and distribution of micro relative reservoirs, judge the favorable reservoir microfacies, and provide effective guidance for oil and gas exploration and development. The image data set can be further used in the production of machine learning image data set to provide basic data support.
Keywords: Central Sichuan basin; Leikoupo Formation; carbonate rocks; microscopic image
Dataset Profile
TitleMicroscopic image data set of carbonate rocks of Leikoupo Formation of Middle Triassic in Central Sichuan
Data corresponding authorSong Jinmin ( n)
Data authorsLi Keran, Song Jinmin, Liu Shugen, Feng Yuyang, Li Zhiwu, Jin Xin, Fan Jianping, Chen Wei
Time range2021.7 – 2021.9
Geographical scope30°2’3’’–31°28’N’’, 105°16’30’’ - 106°32’31’’E, specific areas include: Langzhong City, Yilong County, Yingshan County, Pengxi County, Daying County, Tongnan County.)
Data volume2.9 GB
Data format*.jpg, *.xlxs
Data service system<>
Source of fundingGeneral project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (41872150)
Dataset compositionThe dataset was compressed into one data file, including: (1) the amount of image data is 1818; (2) The data volume of the sheet identification form is 1 copy.
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Li Keran
Song Jinmin
Liu Shugen
Feng Yuxiang
Li Zhiwu
Jin Xin
Fan Jianping
Chen Wei
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Released: Sept. 24, 2021 ( VersionsZH2