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District/County Level Population Census GIS Datasets in China (1953–2010)
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: 2021 - 06 - 02
: 2021 - 08 - 13
: 2021 - 08 - 13
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Spatialized population data is of great importance in supporting the studies on transportation, geography, socio-economy, sustainable development etc. In this paper, we collect the population data in district-county level of six Population Censuses in China from 1949. With the administrative division in 2010, which is the year of the sixth Population Census, as the benchmark of the geographical region of the districts and counties, population data is calibrated and spatialized. Finally, the GIS Population Datasets for Six Population Censuses in China are produced.
Keywords: population census; spatialization; district-county; China
Dataset Profile
TitleDistrict/County Level GIS Population Datasets for Six Population Censuses in China (1953–2010)
Data corresponding authorGAO Liang (lianggao@bjtu.edu.cn)
Data author(s)GAO Liang,SONG Dongdong, YANGYitao, XU Changxing, YANG Xiaobao
Time range1953, 1964, 1982, 1990, 2000, 2010
Geographical scopeChinese mainland
Data volume67.6 MB
Data format(*.shp, *.cpg, *.dbf, *.prj, *.sbn, *.sbx, *.shx)
Data service system<http://www.doi.org/10.11922/sciencedb.j00001.00273>
Source(s) of fundingNational Natural Science Foundation of China (71571017, 91646124, 71621001, 91746201)
Dataset compositionThe data set consists of one part: Dataset Map.zip contains the coded and attributed links to form a district/county level GIS population database of 31 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) (excluding Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan). The amount of data is 67.6 MB.
Article and author information
Dongdong Song
Liang Gao
Yitao Yang
Changxing Xu
Xiaobao Yang
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Released: Aug. 13, 2021 ( VersionsZH2