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Chang'E-2 high resolution lunar global Digital Orthophoto Map dataset
: 2021 - 05 - 27
: 2021 - 05 - 27
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Chang'E-2 satellite is the second lunar orbiter of China. Its onboard CCD stereoscopic camera can be used to obtain high-precision three-dimensional images of the lunar surface. Chang'-E satellite was successfully launched on October 1, 2010. During its on orbit operation (2010-2012), more than 600 multiple coverage images of lunar surface were obtained by using its stereoscopic camera. This dataset is made from 384 stereo images of them, which covers the global lunar surface. The dataset is in TIFF format, the original plane spatial resolution is 7m, the average value of plane relative position deviation is 5m, and the standard deviation is 4m; the average value of elevation relative deviation is 2m, and the standard deviation is 5m. According to the needs of practical application, three versions of the dataset with 7m / 20m / 50m resolution are produced. Compared with the same type of datasets around the world, this dataset is one of the best Digital Orthophoto Map datasets with highest resolution, the most complete coverage and the best positioning accuracy of the global Moon. This dataset can be widely used in engineering tasks and scientific research work, such as lunar landing site selection, in-situ exploration planning, lunar mineral resources assessment, and lunar surface topography/structure analysis, etc.
Keywords: Lunar exploration; Chang’ E project;  DOM dataset; data pre-process; intensive image matching
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Li Chunlai
Zeng Xingguo
Zuo Wei
Liu Jianjun
Ren Xin
Yan Wei
Tan Xu
Zhang Xiaoxia
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