Meridian Project Zone II Versions ZH3 Vol 6 (2) 2021
2020 ionospheric high frequency doppler shift dataset of Peking University Ionosphere Station
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: 2021 - 03 - 17
: 2021 - 05 - 23
: 2021 - 04 - 16
: 2021 - 06 - 29
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Ionospheric Doppler shift is the frequency shift of radio waves reflected by the disturbed ionosphere. The variations of the ionosphere, such as its vertical movements (Doppler velocity), can be obtained from the frequency shift. The important information is useful for monitoring and studying ionospheric disturbances. This dataset was generated by the ionospheric high-frequency Doppler shift monitor of the Peking University Ionosphere Station. The monitor received the short-wave time signal broadcast from the National Time Service Centre, and performed the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) on the difference between the received signal and the standard reference signal to obtain the frequency shift spectrum results. The dataset can be used to obtain the Doppler shift and corresponding Doppler velocity, which can provide data support for space environment research and applications.
Keywords: ionosphere; ionospheric high-frequency Doppler shift monitor; ionospheric disturbance; Meridian Project
Dataset Profile
TitleIonospheric High Frequency Doppler Shift Data at Peking University Ionosphere Station
Data authorPeking University
Time range2020
Geographical scopePeking University Ionosphere Station (116.31° E,40.00° N)
Data volume295.88 MB
Data format*.dat
Data service system<>
Source of fundingMeridian Project
Dataset compositionThe dataset consists of a set of data files for the entire year of 2020, including a total of 17,438 files. Each data file consists of a file header and data records. The file header records information about the device, time resolution, frequency resolution and names of data items. The data records are stored in rows with a time resolution of 10 s. The columns indicate the year, month, day, hour, minute and second as well as the intensities of frequency shift spectrum for 60 frequency points.
Article and author information
Hu Xiaoyan
Hao Yongqiang
Dai Guofeng
Zhang Donghe
Xiao Zuo
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Released: April 16, 2021 ( VersionsZH2
Published: June 29, 2021 ( VersionsZH3