Biodiversity in China Zone II Versions ZH3 Vol 5 (4) 2020
The catalogue of plants in Xiong’an New District
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: 2020 - 09 - 07
: 2020 - 10 - 31
: 2020 - 09 - 24
: 2020 - 12 - 27
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Based on the field survey of the network format of Xiong’an New District for more than one year, we have sorted out the latest and most complete catalogue of plants in Xiong’an New Area by combining various research data, such as the on-site record of plant name, photos, and the specimen collection for some species. According to the APGIV system, the latest molecular marker-based classification system, we calculated out that there are 641 species of vascular plants affiliated to 371 genera, 104 families in Xiong’an New Area. On the basis of the survey results, the vascular plants in Xiong’an New Area were analyzed by different types, which indicated that there are 27 rare and protected plants, 304 native plants, 87 aquatic plants, 44 alien invasive plants, 149 woody plants, 81 cash crops and 206 garden flowers. This dataset has research value and will potentially facilitate the research and conservation of the plant diversity in Xiong’an New District. And it can play a good role for reference and guidance in Xiong’an New Area’ in terms of afforestation, landscaping, protection of rare species, and prevention and control of alien invasive plants.
Keywords: Xiong’an New Area; plant diversity; catalogue of plants
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TitleThe catalogue of plants in Xiong’an New District
Data authorsXiao Cui, Zhang Zhixiang, Lin Qinwen
Data corresponding authorLin Qinwen(
Rang of data time2018–2019
Geographical scopeThe Xiong’an New Area aims to facilitate the integration of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. It spans the counties of Xiongxian, Rongcheng and Anxin in Hebei. And Xiong’an New Area is about 2,000 square km, its geographical coordinates are 38°43'–39°10'N 115°37'–116°19' E。
Data volume62KB,with 642 data entries in total
Data format*.xlsx
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Source of fundingAssessment Project of National Specimen Information Infrastructure (2005DKA21400)
Dataset compositionThe dataset consists of the following one table which is the catalogue of plants in Xiong’an New District covering plants of 641 species affiliated to 371 genera, 104 families. The dataset includes information on the plants’ order name in Latin, order name in Chinese, family name in Latin, family name in Chinese, species name in Latin, species name in Chinese, distribution areas, distribution frequency, categories, wild/cultivation/naturalization, key protection types, endangered category of aquatic plants, and the use of cultivated woody use.
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Xiao Cui
Zhang Zhixiang
Lin Qinwen
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