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A dataset of morphological traits of birds based on Fauna Sinica
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: 2020 - 08 - 29
: 2021 - 08 - 26
: 2021 - 01 - 27
: 2021 - 09 - 29
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: The dataset of morphological traits of birds based on Fauna Sinica is obtained through content extraction by using special tools after digitizing the related records of the book Fauna Sinica (Aves 7). This dataset contains 85 species of birds, 13 families in 5 orders recorded in the book, including Caprimulgiformes, Apodiformes, Trogoniformes, Coraciiformes, and Piciformes. Each record in this dataset is an extraction of the single morphological characteristics from morphology, biology, distribution, measurement, and other morphological description data of different species/subspecies in different genders and various developmental stages, mainly in shape, color, and texture. This dataset provides not only basic data for the biological research on these birds groups, such as biogeography and phylogeny, but also valuable corpus resources for natural language processing and understanding research.
Keywords: morphological trait; morphology; Aves; natural language processing
Dataset Profile
TitleA dataset of morphological traits of birds based on Fauna Sinica
Data corresponding authorJI Liqiang (
Data authorsXUE Yantao, WANG Jiangning, LIN Congtian, HAN Yan, DING Xiaoqing, JI Liqiang
Time range2003
Geographical scopeChina
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Data format*.xlsx
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Sources of fundingStrategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDA19050203); Basic Resources Investigation Project of Science and Technology (2019FY202403); 13th Five-year Informatization Plan of Chinese Academy of Sciences (XXH13505-03-102).
Dataset compositionThe dataset consists of 1 data file, which collects the morphological description data of 85 species of birds, 13 families in 5 orders, as well as color, shape, texture and other characteristic data artificially extracted from the book Fauna Sinica (Aves 7).
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Xue Yantao
Wang Jiangning
Lin Congtian
Han Yan
Ding Xiaoqing
Ji Liqiang
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