Meridian Project Zone II Versions ZH3 Vol 6 (2) 2021
An original dataset of geomagnetic observation at Zhaoqing Geomagnetic Station in Guangdong Province during 2009–2020
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: 2020 - 07 - 22
: 2021 - 05 - 19
: 2021 - 03 - 10
: 2021 - 06 - 30
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Zhaoqing geomagtic station is located in Liantang Town, Gaoyao County, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. It belongs to national geomagnetic reference station, and also is a member of INTERMAGNET. It is one of the eight earliest geomagnetic stations in China. This dataset contains the geomagnetic observation data since the construction of the Meridian Project in 2010, including original observation data of horizontal component, vetical component of magnetic field and magnetic declination. It can be used in various areas of research, such as geomagnetism, space environment, seismology, magnetic storm and interactions between different spheres of the Earth.
Keywords: Zhaoqing Geomagnetic Station; geomagnetic field; original data; second value
Dataset Profile
TitleSecond sampling data of fluxgate magnetometer at Zhaoqing Geomagnetic Station, Guangzhou
Data authorZhaoqing Geomagnetic Station, Guangdong Province Earthquake Administration
Time range2009–2020
Geographical scopeZhaoqing geomagnetic station is located in Liantang Town, Gaoyao County, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. The geographic longitude and latitude are 112.45°E and 22.97°N respectively. The geomagnetic longitude and latitude are 174.89°W and 13.35°N respectively. The elevation is 14m.
Data Resolution0.1 nT
Data volume8.29 GB
Data format*.dat
Data service system<>
Source of fundingMeridian Project
Dataset compositionThis dataset contains 3,606 files with a total size of 8.29 GB. The file name for raw geomagnetic observation data is ZQT_FGM01_DMD_L01_01D_YYYYMMDDhhmmss.dat, in which YYYY represents year, MM represents month,DD represents day,hh represents hour(s),mm represents minute(s),and ss represents second(s).
Article and author information
Wang Xizhen
Lu Jinghui
Deng Na
Zhang Suqin
Ma Yuli
Publication records
Released: March 10, 2021 ( VersionsZH2
Published: June 30, 2021 ( VersionsZH3