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A carbonate microscopic image dataset at Dengying Formation of the Sinian in the northwestern margin of Upper Yangtze
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: 2020 - 07 - 15
: 2020 - 07 - 31
: 2020 - 07 - 31
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: As seen from the exposure of field profile, this set of marine carbonate rocks in the Sinian Dengying Formation on the north-west margin of the Yangtze reported in this paper should be the first large-scale carbonate formation deposited in the Upper Yangtze region after the end of the Nanhua Period Ice Age. It is not only a response to the global warming of the Sinian, but also records the information on the evolution of marine microorganisms and the growth of carbonate rocks on the eve of the Early Cambrian skeletal animal outbreak. Moreover, mound-shoal dolomite has currently become the target of exploration of deep-seated ancient carbonate oil and gas in Sichuan Basin. Therefore, microscopic images of 154 rock thin sections collected from the profile of Qingping, Mianzhu and Luchi, Zhenba in the north-west margin of the Yangtze Platform revealed that the composition and structural characteristics of the rocks change with time, and the profile is generally manifested as the sequence of siliceous rock, micrite dolomite, algae dolomite and granular dolomite, reflecting the development process of the edge of the carbonatite platform margin affected by secondary sea level fluctuations during a slow sea level rise under the background of the epeiric sea of the north-west margin of the Yangtze Platform. The dataset records in detail the information on location of the sample, the approximate stratigraphic age, rock composition and structural characteristics. It can be applied to the study of rock microfacies of the Sinian Dengying Formation on the north-west margin of the Yangtze Platform, and to the interdisciplinary research such as intelligent image recognition, and can also provide basic information services for social production practice activities such as oil and gas reservoir description and genetic mechanism analysis, teaching and science popularization.
Keywords: northwestern margin of Upper Yangtze ; Dengying period of the Sinian; carbonate rocks; polarized photomicrograph
Dataset Profile
TitleA carbonate microscopic image dataset of Sinian Dengying period in northwestern margin of Sichuan Basin
Data authorsQi Zhe, Hou Mingcai, Xu Shenglin, He Liang, Tang Zhijiang, Zhang Mingxuan
Data corresponding authorHou Mingcai(
Time rangeThe stratigraphic age of samples is Sinian Dengying period (~551–541Ma); Rock samples were collected in the time from January 2019 to February 2019; Polarized light micrographs of rock thin section were taken in July 2019.
Geographical scopeIn terms of Administrative divisions, the study areas are located in qingping town, sichuan province and zhenba county, shanxi province. Geographically, they are divided into longmen mountain and micangshan structural belt.
Spatial resolution2560*1920 pixels
Data volume6.30 GB
Data format*.pptx; *.jpg; *.xls; *.png.
Data service system
Source of fundingNational Science and Technology Major Project (2017ZX05008005009)
Dataset compositionThe dataset includes 5 data files, which are: 1. polarized light micrographs.jpg,.png is a dataset of polarized light micrographs (*.jpg, *.png) of rock thin slices. The data volume is 5.66 GB;
2. field photo of the measured section(*.jpg, *.pptx) shows the field photos of the measured sections and the characteristics of outcrop, with a data volume of 634 MB;
3. Stratigraphic columns(*.jpg) shows the stratigraphic thickness, age and sampling location in the measured sections, with a data volume of 19.3 MB;
4. field geological record table(*.xls) recorded field description, microscopic description and other information in detail, with a data volume of 100 KB;
5. identification report(*.xls) is the identification data sheet of rock thin sections. The data volume is 30.6 KB.
Article and author information
Qi Zhe
Hou Mingcai
Xu Shenglin
He Liang
Tang Zhijiang
Zhang Mingxuan
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