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An atmospheric-terrain-BRDF coupled corrected surface reflectance product in China
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: 2020 - 04 - 14
: 2020 - 12 - 10
: 2020 - 04 - 30
: 2020 - 12 - 30
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: In order to eliminate the influences of atmospheric scattering and absorption, terrain fluctuation, and solar-viewing geometry, coupled atmospheric-topographic-BRDF correction was performed on the Landsat 5 ortho-rectified images covering the whole of China in 2009. In this way, a new land surface reflectance product was created. The spatial resolution of this product is 30 meters. The file folder contains a data file, a quality attribute file, and a metadata file. This new product is valuable for land cover change monitoring, quantitative retrieval of land surface parameters , global change studies, etc.
Keywords: land surface reflectance; quantitative retrieval; Landsat satellite; atmospheric-terrain-BRDF coupled correction
Dataset Profile
TitleAn atmospheric-terrain-BRDF coupled corrected surface reflectance product in China
Data corresponding authorHe Guojin (
Data authorsZhang Zhaoming, Tang Chao, He Guojin, Peng Yan, Long Tengfei, Leng Wanchun
Time range2009
Geographical scopeChina
Spatial resolution30 m
Data volume349 GB
Data format*.TIF
Data service system<>
Source of fundingStrategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDA19090300); National Natural Science Foundation of China (61731022).
Dataset compositionThe dataset consists of 540 file folders in total. Each file folder contains a data file in TIFF format, a quality attribute file, and a metadata file in txt format.
Article and author information
Zhang Zhaoming
Tang Chao
He Guojin
Peng Yan
Long Tengfei
Leng Wanchun
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Published: Dec. 30, 2020 ( VersionsZH3