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Preface: The Special Issue on Remote Sensing Datasets of Resources & Environment in Hainan Province
: 2019 - 06 - 03
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Hainan, China’s largest provincial-level Special Economic Zone, is geographically located in tropics which makes it unique in natural beauty and rich in biodiversity. The scenic beauty and the rich biodiversity have opened the doorways of promoting the development of eco-tourism and integrating the development of a ‘smart city’ into strategic urban planning. The principle of establishing an eco-friendly province eventually requires promoting the strategic fulcrum of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road and the construction of an international tourism island. Hainan Province has endeavored to protect the green mountains and waters, adhered to the principles of sustainable development, implemented the national strategy of the Eco-friendly Civilization Experimental Zone, and maintained Hainan’s rich biological resources and excellent ecological environment by applying the concept of green development. The space information technology is an emerging national strategic industry where remote sensing and big data is considered an important support in promoting the development of space information technology. In recent years, remote sensing technology has gained considerable attention in terms of spatial, temporal, spectral, and radiometric resolution stretching from visible light to full band, from passive to active-passive combination, and from low to high spatial resolution. The rapid development in space science and satellite industry has led to the exponential growth of remote sensing data which formed a multi-source and multi-scale remote sensing big data platform. The comprehensive application of remote sensing big data technology and diversified analysis methods can signify multi-scale and multi-temporal ecological environment monitoring of both macroscopic patterns and detailed features from emergency to long-term monitoring.
This special issue selected 14 data-reporting articles, among which ten articles are related to resources and environment that are mainly involving coastal zones (coastlines, mangroves, and coral reefs), forest lands (classification of natural forests), terrestrial water bodies, urban land surface environment (urban impervious surface, land surface temperature, and urban heat island), and geological tourism. The remaining four articles are related to remote sensing big data, mainly involving deep processing of remote sensing satellite data, evaluation of tourist attractions with crowdsourcing big data and disaster analysis. The 14 sets of data released in this special issue represent the first set of professional remote sensing data products collected in Hainan. These products not only enrich the basic data for research on Hainan area but also provide important research foundations and background data for strengthening the remote sensing monitoring and management of resources and the environment in Hainan. The dataset of the special issue is mainly funded by Finance Science and Technology Project of Hainan Province (Grant No. ZDKJ2016021) titled “Construction and Application Demonstration of Remote Sensing Big Data Service Platform for Hainan Province”.The analysis and application of remote sensing big data has become the important research content of the geo-information science. Using remote sensing technology to extract information can provide an important basis for geothermal resources exploration and obtaining big data of the spatial and temporal sequence analysis of thermal environment.
We hope that through the series of papers published in the Special Issue of Remote Sensing of Resources and Environment in Hainan, we can actively promote the exchange and sharing of scientific data in related fields of resources and the environment in Hainan and promote the in-depth application of remote sensing big data in resources and environment among other fields.
The successful publication of this special issue is the result of the joint efforts of the editorial department, specially invited editors, reviewers, and authors of China Scientific Data. With the completion of this special issue, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of you.
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The dataset of the special issue is mainly funded by Finance Science and Technology Project of Hainan Province (Grant No. ZDKJ2016021) titled “Construction and Application Demonstration of Remote Sensing Big Data Service Platform for Hainan Province”.
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